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Hello, I have questions about “Beschäftigung erlaubt” status, and also about switching freelancing visa to work permit, and possibly switching back after a while.


First of all, I have been living in Germany since 2016. I had a working holiday visa for a year, then switched to 2-year freelancing visa, with which I am staying in Germany.

I am aware that “Beschäftigung erlaubt/gestattet” status will be given after living in Germany for 3 years. Then I always had thought Working Holiday visa could not be counted as these 3 years, but now after reading posts on TT, I am a little baffled and doubtful if this is true. Does anyone know if they also count Working Holiday visa for the eligibility of “Beschäftigung erlaubt”?


If this is the case, I need to renew my freelancing visa this Autumn. My plan has been to renew it when the time comes, and then apply for “Beschäftigung erlaubt/gestattet” status when three years passed.

However, I just got a job offer with one-year full time contract. To accept this offer, seemingly I need to change my visa to work permit. And if I take this job, when the contact ends after one year, I am still a couple of months short to 3 years. This means I might need to reapply for freelancing visa..


So, my concerns are:

Whether it is possible to switch back from work permit to freelancing visa after one year. (Wondering if ABH let me do this.)

Whether 3 years rule of “Beschäftigung erlaubt/gestattet” is still applicable with the total duration of two different types of visa (e.g. 2 years of freelancing visa + 1 year of work permit) 


I am thinking that I’d better keep my freelancing visa for 3 years just to avoid a hustle of switching a type of visa back and forth. 

But if the two concerns above are solved, I probably like to take the job offer and switch to work permit. 


It would be great to get some answers/advices from someone who went under a similar situation. Thank you in advance.


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