Tax / Fee for the duration non of the spouses work under Non-contributory Dependants Co-insurance

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I started to work January-1 and signed up myself and mywife for TK Non-contributory Dependants Co-insurance / Family. 


Unfortunately, I had to quit my job end of march - terrible office culture.

Funny enough my wife found a job in Munich and started her work on 15-April. 


TK Insurance reapplicaiton over wife

I explained the situation to TK and they said we are covered about a month so we put insurance start date 1st May.

However, the period without employer contribution (April-1 to April-15) and insurance start date made me worried that we might perhaps be invoiced some cost...


My question to good people of TT, 

a) are we going to end up with an invoice for period:

- April-01 to April-15 (no employer) and/or

- April-15 (work start) to May-1 (insurance start date)



b.) shall we change insurance start date to April-15 instead of May-01




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Health insurance is mandatory. You can't just let it lapse because you become unemployed.


Her insurance start date should definitely the day she starts work - April 15. It's possible that they might send you an invoice for the two weeks that neither of you are working, but I don't think it will be more than EUR 180 (I seem to recall that EUR 180 is the minimum contribution for unemployed people who aren't receiving benefits; you pay that for half a month - EUR 90 - times the two of you).


You could just give them a call (or send them an e-mail) and explain the situation, so you know exactly what to expect.



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