Going back to USA for a few months and want to exchange NY DL to CT

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7 hours ago, kaffeemitmilch said:

This is supposed to be disallowed, but it seems you could do it. Good for you.


For the OP: if you used to have a CT license before your NY one, and have one to show, that would be an open and shut case and you could exchange with just a written test. Otherwise, it only might work, as they can claim that you did it to circumvent the reciprocity issue.


On a side note, it cost over $100 to exchange my NY DL for the CT one. Quite pricey.

Apparently it’s some loophole in the law. Because as long as I didn’t go home to learn to drive and get a license while living in Germany, it’s actually legal, according to the lady I dealt with. The people at the Bürgeramt said I couldn’t do it, but then called some other office and they said it was okay. 


$100 is still a lot cheaper than getting a license from scratch in Germany 


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There are several checks in place to guard against people doing this.  You have to show your residence document.  You are supposed to hold the license you are trading for at least 185 days (this was told to me when I traded my Texas DL).  There is also a 3 year limit (someone always posts that this has been changed but never has a source).  It appears though that many offices just don't care enough to bother with any rules.  The office I went to was rather strict but others have reported that they were able to get away with this.


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