Multiple residences in Germany-- allowed?

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I'm considering going to another city in Germany (Hamburg) because I'm very interested in a kindergarten there for my daughter. I would like to keep my apartment in Munich, and if possible, maintain any of the benefits associated with my residence being here, and would go primarily just for my daughter to be able to attend this kindergarten. However, the kindergarten informed me that for my daughter to attend kindergarten there I need to get a kita-gutschein, which follows registering my residence there.


Is it possible to register two residences in Germany? I think I have heard something about a haupt and neben residence, but I'm wondering what the rules regarding that are? Is it not allowed to have two equally strong residences, or could I still consider Munich my primary one with her attending a kindergarten there, or does Hamburg then become the primary one?


Thank you!


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You're pretty much guessed it. You can have a Hauptwohnsitz and a Nebenwohnsitz, but you'd have to register Hamburg as your Hauptwohnsitz to get the kita voucher there.


I don't think there are any disadvantages if you only register your Munich place as your Nebenwohnsitz. I believe both cities charge a Zweitwohnungssteuer, however, so you'll need to calculate those costs in your budget as well.


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