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Air travel makes my wife very, very ill.  In the past, she has used Dramamine to get through flights.  It helps, but it leaves her a mess for a few days.

Before we left the USA for Germany, her doctor gave her a prescription for Scopolamine Patches (  It was very expensive, but completely worth it.  Using the patch, for the first time in her life, she got through a flight (well, the 3 flights it took to get to Germany!) without getting sick, and was functional the days after.  The patch lasts 3 days, and has changed her travel life. 


We're taking a flight to India in a few weeks, and she only has 1 patch left.  Does anyone know if this is available in Germany?  Are there any scopalomine-based anti-nausea medications available here?  She hasn't spoken to her doctor yet, so I thought I'd try here first.


Thanks for any info,




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Also sailors and we swear by this stuff Superpep. We almost never need to use it sailing but it works for me in the car on winding roads. The best part is that you don't have to take in in advance - just chew one when you begin to feel bad. No after effects. Sold in every Apotheke.


If I was your wife though, I would stick with what works.


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3 hours ago, lisa13 said:

looks like this is the stuff you're looking for:


she'll need a prescription but I can't imagine any trouble getting one.

This is perfect.  Thank you!


For everyone else, thank you for the responses.  My wife has tried everything under the sun, and the only thing that's worked is the Scopalomine patch.


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