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I recently ordered a free copy of the magazine Selbstständig heute, the link of the registration here


I'm not careful to read it all, but they said that if I did not give a notice within 14 days, they will automatically send me the magazine in a year with 20€ for each article. I didn't response on time because I didn't know it. Now they will charge me like 400€ a year for the magazine that I don't want to read anymore. What shall I do? I called them and they told me that it's possible to cancel the subscription but they still send me the article and charge 20€/each. I really get fucked up now.


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Looks like this was the publisher's way to be selbstständig heute.


Not much you can do now except cancel before it doesn't renew for another fucking year. 


Next time read everything before signing up.





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