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Fun place for friends and coworkers.

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Can anyone recommend a nice place for a semi large group of people to hang out for an evening. 

I was tasked to organize a night out for the company employees but im not really sure where. So i was thinking somewhere where we can eat but also have fun like a bowling alley. 

Any help would be appreciated i am looking primary in Sigburg or Bonn area but Cologne is also acceptable. 


P.S. it does not need to be a bowling alley necessarily no idea will be turned away xD.




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@Anto P


It might help others to help you in future if you were a bit more specific rather than assuming that strangers on the internet might know how many people it takes to count as a 'semi large group'.


Presumably whoever tasked you to find a suitable location was under the impression you were a resourceful individual capable of using your own imagination or, as @Acton correctly said, initiative.


 Here's a couple of tips to help you.


Whenever you get such a task make sure to know the key words you need to search for.

When searching for something in Germany use .de and not

Always spell the name of places (e.g. Siegburg) correctly.

Familiarize yourself with Mickey's pals the MICE !


DO be careful about accepting cookies or clicking on any of the links on the following sites directly without first checking their T&Cs (AGBs) otherwise you may find yourself obligated to pay them a booking fee (buchung gebuhr) or even accepting a subscription (Abonnement).


Most of them do have language buttons at the top so you can change them accordingly and read their FAQs before diving in blind.


Die beste Eventlocation in Siegburg finden


Event Location in Siegburg | ► Locationguide24


Bonn und Region - Locations


Partyraum und Eventlocation für 100 bis 150 Gäste in Bonn mieten |


Hope you and your colleagues have fun and please don't forget to post the results back here for the benefit of future readers drawn to your topic thread by its title.




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