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How accurate is this Selbständing + Ehegatte Einkommen calculator?

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Hello TT'ers,


Recently I found this calculator: which should provide info on, among others options, the combined netto income of two partners, one for example, doing a regular job and the other working as a freelancer or through a Gewerbe.


I've given it a try but I'm not sure how accurate it is, especially for Bavaria and the current year. I've noticed the Kindergeld is most likely calculated as 12 * 184 EUR so it must be dating from a couple of years back. Nevertheless, there is this part:

Gewerbesteuer info
Gewerbesteuerpflicht: JaNein


and I use Hebesatz of value 490% -- I think that is the correct value for Munich.


Also, a bit confusing part is Kinderfreibeitrag, which is first deducted (amount = 7008 EUR; I believe that has been increased to 7600 EUR or so?) but then also added back to your taxed income, which seems like a total nonsense.


If anyone eligible for the (regular job + Gewerbe) combination would like to give it a try and share their observations on the accuracy, that would be great and very appreciated!


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