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Phone bill run on for almost a year, threatening legal action

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Is this serious legal trouble? I'd appreciate some help!

Brief background: 
- I was in Berlin from September 2017 - April 2018 (8 months), working at Bosch.
- While there I got a monthly phone plan. The o2 representative told me I could cancel the plan before I left.
- One month before I left Berlin, I spoke to an o2 rep. He told me to mail certain documents (work contract, flight ticket, and residence contract) to an address, and the plan would be cancelled. I did that, and stopped using the phone.
- About 2 weeks later, I closed my German bank account.

Now, I am back home in Canada, and received these two emails a week ago (see images). Clearly the phone plan wasn't cancelled, and they want me to pay 350 euros.

Obviously, I am partly at fault for not checking the plan was cancelled. I want to do the right thing here.

But, currently I have no connections to Germany whatsoever; no address, no eu bank, and no eu phone. They give bank details to send the money to, but how would I send that money without an eu bank?

What is the right thing to do here ? Would really appreciate some help. What would happen if I ignore the emails ?

Honestly I'm a little scared. However, I'm also a poor student, so this is a large sum for me to pay considering I don't think I should have to pay it. I'd like to give them a call, but my German is terrible by now, and I'd have to pay for the long-distance minutes.




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Once it goes to Inkasso, it is serious.

3 months notice is usually required , so as you only gave a month's notice, is this 2 month's payment plus interest?

Do you have record/ registered post of your sent documents?

Contact them and explain you called/ cancelled as you were leaving the country.

It is very easy to send international wires of money from your Canadian bank. You have the various codes ( Iban etc), so they can help you at bank.

You might want to change your location in profile!


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