The dumbest person I have ever met!

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15 minutes ago, hooperski said:

This is natural selection at work.


You would think, however that girl with the stitches recently managed to procreate...


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When it comes to firewood, old Swabian guys are like Snoop Dogg ist to Marijuana.  As soon as there is the slightest whiff, they materialise out of nowhere as if they've been beamed in by the Enterprise.  It happens every now and again that you'll get a tap on the shoulder as you've got the chainsaw going full-blast cutting up wood - 'Was machen Sie mit dem Holz?'


We were taking down a huge cedar with the help of a crane truck, so BIG chunks of tree coming down at a time.  I was working ground crew that day, and we were working hard to get the pieces cut up and chipped so the climber could keep working.  Suddenly there's this old guy grabbing chunks of wood, as I'm cutting them off!  then he goes to the other groundsperson, grabs that wood, as giant chunks of tree are being lowered and the climber is sawing away up above. 


I stop him, and in my limited German at the time, explain: Look around, we're all wearing helmets!  The implied Anglosphere meaning is of course - piss off!   He taps his nose, runs off.  A few minutes later, there he is again, wearing a construction helmet!  I learned a great deal about the literal-mindedness of Germans that day.  I did manage to get him to piss off though.



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