At what time do ausländerbehörde appointment/termin bookings become available?

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Hello other Berliner Auslanders–


There is a rumor that the Berlin Ausländerbehörde clears out some appointments– possibly these are cancelations– at approximately 6 am. I personally was able to find an appointment checking at ~6 am, early last year. When I heard about this, I believe I was told it happened only on a specific day of the week. Unfortunately, I am not sure which day of the week it was, perhaps Tuesday or Wednesday, and I would like to share this tip elsewhere.


Has anyone gotten lucky finding an open appointment at the Ausländerbehörde when checking their online portal in the wee hours? Specifics regarding the day of the week and time of the day would be very helpful! It would be great if we could get a collection of responses going here so that we might observe a general trend or average time/day of the week for better success rates. :)


I'd also be really curious to know why appointments open up at this mysterious hour, but I suppose you'd need to be an insider to have that kind of information!


Thanks so much!


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This year old comment on Reddit indicates a daily 6 am opportunity:



[–]naalnish 3 points 1 year ago 

For anybody who is trying to get an appointment on relatively short notice but is still flexible, the method recommended to me was simply to wake up around 6 or so when the cancelled appointments are released (06:00 - 08:00 is best). Available appointments appear within a week or two. So I managed to make an appointment at a reasonable hour without waiting all night. but I also live quite far from Keplerstr. and it would have been a long trek to get there for 4am.

of course you don't have to do this, maybe you want to make some midnight friends :)


But does anyone know if it's actually only a specific day of the week?




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