Can landlord ask to see the house interior?

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Hi! So, a little of background story:

- I am living in an apartment for close to 2 years by now.

- my landlord is not my real landlord as he is subletting and the apartment (he is living really far).


He asked me to send him a video of the house interior for him to see how the apartment is currently. I have still more than 3 months until I hand him over the apartment. I do understand that he needs to see if everything is ok before giving me the deposit, for example, but we were not even talking about the deposit and whats the point since he will be taking over the apartment in 3 months still? I have nothing to hide, but I do not feel like I should send him videos of my privacy. Also, he asked me to leave 2 weeks before the "end" so he can take over the apartment. This is also not right and I will not give him keys until the end. Is there anything that can be used against me in these conditions? When shall you return the apartment keys before leaving? If I am paying the whole month, I don't want to leave 2 weeks earlier. I want to use the last month to move out at my own pace. 


Recommendations, suggestions, opinions?   


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Your contract defines the end-of-rental date, so why don't you just say that you are making arrangements to move elsewhere from that day only and that you cannot move out earlier? You had both agreed on that date when you started renting and signed the contract, so he cannot change his mind now. He probably has messed up with his own accommodation in the meantime and is trying to see if you would be the solution to his problem. If leaving 2 weeks sooner is not a problem for you, on the other hand, then agree in writing for the rent to be paid until the newly agreed end-of-rental date.


Regarding the inspection, just invite him for an inspection shortly before the contract ends at a mutually agreed date and time.


Not every situation requires legal intervention, in my opinion.


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