Babysitter- und Tagespflegevermittlung e.V

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2 hours ago, sos-the-rope said:

Anyone know if this thing still exists / is active?


Since it was formed as a non-profit independent agency, on the initiative of the Frankfurt city council, in 1990 and currently seems to have members working part-time in some of the citys own office buildings and a wide web presence in several local social forums as well as the inevitable Farcebook it would appear to be very likely.


3 hours ago, sos-the-rope said:

I found references, even on the official city site, but their own website is gone.


Since they are an 'eigetragene Verein' (i.e. a registered association/club) the management responsibilities of which will be in the hands of a relatively small commitee it may just be that in view of;


i) some of the more restrictive German regulations on data protection

ii) the German regulations on legal responsibility for internet websites


they have, (perhaps on the recommendation of their lawyers or insurers), decided to retire their own website (if they ever had one) in order to avoid the risk of potentially high costs of defending the e.V. against frivolous or otherwise lawsuits by whoever.


If you have not at least called or visited one of their designated offices during their business hours already then I would suggest you do so and then report your findings back here for future finders of your chosen topic title and its [UPDATE].




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