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Hi All,


I worked in Munich from 2004-2005 and was active member of Toytown and curry nights back then. :)


I am now moving back to Munich for a new job in January next year. Is there any way to find my old tax ID and pension/social security numbers? I need to provide them to new employer but have no records and my old company has since destroyed all records as it is more than 10 years.


Who can I get in touch with? Would appreciate any input. Cheers!




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Welcome back to TT, @ashu :)


1. Social Security Number


If you were employed in Germany prior to 2011 you should have been issued with a Sozialversicherungsausweis into which you sh/could have affixed your photo, (albeit most ppl who were not engaged in mobile or site work would have tossed it in a drawer and forgotten about it).


If you still have that document your German social security number is at hand already.


If you can remember which statutory health insurer = GKV Krankenkasse or private health insurer = PKV privat krankenversicherer you were with they should be able to check their records against your name, DOB, former/last employer and personal postal address.


If none of those options appear to be available to you then you should contact the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV) which, since 2007, is the umbrella administrative manager for all personal pension insurance issues.


Whilst it's theoretically possible that the DRV Bayern-Sud office in Munich may have some record of your former pension insurance history, for UK citizens resident in Germany, residents of Germany/German citizens working in the UK, etc., records are held by the DRV-Nord office in Hamburg.


The DRV portal has a tool where you can apply for a Sozialversicherungsausweis, albeit only in German; Online einen neuen Sozialversicherungsausweis beantragen

Check the selection box : Neuausstellung eines Sozialversicherungsausweises wegen Verlust then fill out your personal details as completely as possible.


They do also have pages related to obtaining a Sozialversicherungsnummer online immediately. Unfortunately these are intended for employers and, even if you were fluent in Amtsdeutsch, would probably not be of much help to you.


That said, the section of the DRV-Nord in Hamburg which deals with UK related issues is staffed by English speakers who are mostly quite helpful, friendly and efficient so it might be easiest to try calling or e-mailing them. I'd suggest an e-mail first so as to establish a contact persons name and then preparing for your call by having notes of your prior records on hand since calling from the UK may take time and cost much more than from here.


2. German Tax ID Number


Your former German bank may still have a record of your former tax ID number since they would have had a statutory obligation to know and refer to it. However, even assuming you still have a record of your account number etc., under the current data protection rules they could only launch such an internal search if you were to be able to provide certified proof of your ID and even then they would likely raise the matter of your acceptance of the associated costs before doing anything.


However, since you were not here in 2011 when the Bundeszentralamtes für Steuer issued every taxpayer in Germany with an A4 letter containing their new 11 digit Steuerliche Identifikationsnummer (personal tax ID number) which would remain their own unique tax ID for life, the simplest way for you to obtain a replacement personal tax ID number would probably be to apply for one using the appropriate Erneute Anforderung der IDNr tool on the BZSt portal.


BZSt-Portal: Internetauftritt des Bundeszentralamtes für Steuern - Steuerliche Identifikationsnummer


BZSt-Portal: Internetauftritt des Bundeszentralamtes für Steuern - Erneute Anforderung der IDNr.



NB: The BZSt will only ever send a Steuerliche Identifikationsnummer by postal mail to an individual applicants registered postal address so, prior to them issuing it, you may need to already be angemeldet in Germany, (with a Meldebescheinigung from the KVR).






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Thank you for the welcome and a detailed  and helpful answer :)


I do remember the form with the picture attached. I tossed it into a document folder for safekeeping, but alas when I went back to it. I could not find anything :(


It seems like there will be a lot of running around once I arrive in Munich. I will reach out to you directly if I have more queries. Thank you :)  


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