Relotius Case: Fraudulent Reporting in Spiegel

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On 2/10/2019, 10:51:57, alderhill said:

Consistently partisan and paranoid, yup. Watch out, there's a Leftist™ behind you!


Still backpedaling, Professor Wikipedia? Prophetically enough, I already covered my answer to this earlier in the thread, weeks ago.


No, it is not true.


This coming from a troll who's been strawmanning with Leftists™ since the beginning of this thread! Very rich indeed.


A right-winger's editorial is not proof that all Democrats want open borders. 


As per usual, your evidence is junk. My "position" is that you're an idealogical partisan hypocrite, and then you go and post more evidence proving that you're just that.


There are multiple media bias and fact checking sources, but you'll stick your head in the sand if they don't confirm your bias. Have another, However, I don't need those sorts of sites to know your source (was that your best shot?) is a right-wing partisan screed. It's plainly obvious from the way it's written. You clearly don't see the deep inconsistencies in what you're trying to argue. Probably a combo of your ignorance and your glaring confirmation bias. You can try to hide behind "arguing from silence" accusations or whatever, but it's clear to me that you're oblivious to how little you know. You're simply not worth the time. 


It's your conspiracy theory, you prove it.


Nope, just the actual right-wing sources, which you keep using. Funny how that works... They are biased and wholly unreliable sources for the things you are trying to use them to prove. I've been assuming that you aren't actually that stupid. It's fascinating that someone so triggered by alleged newsmedia bias and influence is herself so gullible and regurgitates low-quality partisan newsmedia. 


The extent of the KKK's influence was never the issue, notwithstanding your attempt to move goalposts to make it the issue.  Are the KKK a conservative identity politics group? The answer: yes they are. This shouldn't be controversial, but you have repeatedly shown the lengths you'll go to say otherwise. The KKK are Leftists™. That they are (obviously, in 2019) a shadow of what they were is besides the point. The SJWs™ and Leftists™ you rail against are a boogeyman, and today not more influential than the KKK were. They're apples and oranges anyhow. By legacy the KKK is still influential, or else no one would care about decades-old crass college pranks involving white hoods.


Your "argument" is not convincing. To the contrary, it's absurd. Keep digging that hole.


I seriously LOL'd at that. You mean alternative facts, right?


That wasn't my only defence, but it is true they aren't. Then you go embarrass yourself further, making yourself even less trustworthy, by dressing these up with your frothing ideological spin. That might work in the echo chamber circle-jerks you're used to.


It's your conspiracy theory, you prove it.


It's your conspiracy theory, you prove it. 


I highly doubt it, and even still, your one trip to Disney when you were 12 isn't worth much. It's obvious you base everything you say on the standard conservative blogosphere buzzpoints. 


You sound awfully frustrated.


That you sputter and resort to stock insults when you run out of ideas doesn't surprise me. Your appearance is irrelevant, no matter how hairy your wart is on your big green nose, just as my appearance should be to you (you'll be happy to know, you're way off). What is relevant is your shoddy reasoning, poor evidence and glaring partisan bias. There are plenty of these on display, so it's fair for criticism.


Conspiracy theorists just loooove coincidences. Well you know the drill: it's your conspiracy theory, you prove it.


Yea nah, that's your irrelevant argument, remember. 


Your "initial statement" was a direct reply to me, and that was your attempt to shrug off the lack of domestic press freedom in authoritarian states. Are you short on your ritalin? This is another point you have no answer for. No one is restricting your free speech here, and you're digging your hole deeper with more apologia for actual censorious authoritarian states. You've totally lost the plot. 


Easy enough to look it up yourself (not that you can be trusted), and I'll do it once you address my challenges to you.


You really are thick. Read back to when I first said that you defend the KKK. You've only dug yourself deeper since then. 


You had the benefit of my doubt early on, but you've only proven yourself paranoid, still peddling conspiracy theories (receiving cheers from the other conspiracy theorists ITT says it all), still firmly ideological, still suffering from confirmation bias, still a hypocrite. What should I expect after all, conversing with someone who considers herself a witch?


So really, what's to gain here? You have nothing intelligent or original to say. You can't prove your points without parroting tired partisan buzzpoints, conspiracy theory, hocus pocus, fake news or simply dodging away from what you can't answer (quite a lot now). As I've already said, there's only so much time in life to spend arguing with dogmatic internet crackpots.


The last word is yours, so make it count! ;) 

So to summarize this post:


- Lying

- Denial of facts

- Logical fallacies

- "Moving goalposts" when proven wrong about the KKK via link through Wikipedia

- Insults

- More logical fallacies

- More insults


Yea I think I was right about you little dickie.




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