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Dear all,

I have recently relocated from abroad to the wider area of Dusseldorf due to business reasons and my main concern right now is my son’s educational development.
Even though he will only be 4 years old in April next year, he is currently attending a kindergarten with which I am very dissatisfied with.
We have two more kindergarten years and I am reaching out for your help in finding a quality kindergarten or any other solution (kita, etc.) where teachers are actually involved and children are ‘challenged’ (budget is not unlimited). From a location perspective i am mainly focused in the south, south west area of Dusseldorf but this is not a concern since i am thinking of changing apartment anyway.
This is just the first step but my vision is more long term and how from this he will transition smoothly to an equally good primary school and so on... I do not have specific ambitions for him, I only want to start exposing him to a diverse mix of stimuli.

I do not expect to leave the area, so building relationships with like minded families and friends is also my priority for him.

Thank you in advance...



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What is your dislike regarding the current Kita? It might be hard and take awhile to get into another one of your choosing in your remote area or someplace surrounding. Typical wait time for NRW is around a year, so if you got in quickly, you are lucky. You have the option to not send him or send him to an international preschool, but those are expensive and not affordable. Or a tagesmütter, which is an in-home caregiver. I would say that most Kita's are generally the same. Some with more structure and some not. However, teacher involvement with many kids is hard. SO Kita is a playplace, not where they are going to go and learn things.

It was eye-opening coming from a daycare in America where everything was structured and they were learning everyday along with play. That is not what Kita's here are for- learning.. in the traditional sense anyway. Having two more years before he starts Grundschule with time for him to adapt and learn by play is best at this point. My son is now 6 and in first grade in a German schule. He was in Kita for two years before starting school as well. I didn't love everything about his Kita, but wasn't willing to wait another year for him to be placed somewhere else. You also have to take into account, if you signed a contract, which most do, you are locked in for a year of paying or atleast 3 months notice to give and have to pay. Just a thought!


Good Luck! Let me know if you have any other questions :) Happy to help!




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I agree with what @AlliGuest is saying.


In Germany Kindergarten is a place for learning via play and learning social skills and not formal education which they will learn in school.





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