Applying for work permit after submitting thesis and before Master thesis defense

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 I am a Master graduate submitting my Master thesis by this month (December, 2018) but I have my thesis defense schedule on February, 2019 (last week) due to unavailability of my supervisor. Now I got a work contract starting from February 1, 2019. Is it possible to apply for work permit now? In this case I would have submitted my thesis but not defended it yet by the time I am applying for  work permit.


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In these matters, the best source of Info is your local Ausländerbehörde.


But in theory, yes and no. If you are applying for a regular work permit (ex. § 18 AufenthG) that only requires the work contract and Zustimmung from the Bundesagentur für Arbeit, then I think you could. If however, you are applying for say, the EU Blue card (§ 19a AufenthG) the degree from a the German university might be one of the criteria, so in that case, in all likelihood, no.

What you could do is work the few months till you graduate on your current (assuming) student visa which should allow you to work upto 120 full days in a year, and then apply for your blue card as soon as you have the degree.


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