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Online second hand baby clothes

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Can anyone recommend me a good online site where I can sell my babies second hand clothes and goods such as bouncer, buggy etc?


Thank you!


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You should be able to market your stuff in the local area through some of the following sites but, depending on how well you can read (or write) German, you may need to spend some time figuring out how to navigate the German subforum titles, the registration, seller set up and best posting style before actually posting.


Some of the sites are more insistent on rules based procedures than others. Most of them will allow posting of ads in English but responses may be few unless at least the headline title is in German.


Some do have an English or UK/US flag button on the FAQ and registration pages if you look for it (could be at the top, bottom or either side). 


If you need to you can copy paste any German page url into and after a double dose of button clicking it should cough up a clunky version in English. If you just need up to ~450 words of text translated you'll get a faster smoother result at


Most sites have dropdown menu buttons at the top and, once you've clicked a sectional subject theme (e.g. Baby und Kind) headline and put in your PLZ and City you'll find links to sub-menu items on the left side in a logical tree format (e.g. for clothing Kleidung > Baby or for toys Spielzeug > Baby or > 0 bis 3 Jahre). They mostly do list Buggy or Buggies (maybe under Kinderwagen).


It's best to do a search (Suche) for identical or closely similar articles for everything before posting any offer (Angebot) so you can

i) see what the market is looking like

ii) learn some useful vocab and local presentation styles

iii) check out how many sellers are reportedly making regular sales (usually the ones with the bright and bubbly chatty style) and how many are not (often due to their negative, rude or ignorant posing styles).


So, after all that gubbins (finally :huh:), here's some links for you...


First a useful tool from ebay-kleinanzeige (small ads) Preis-Check für private Verkäufer

which may or may not be the primary choice in your area but is the largest nationwide.


This one is a joint venture by about 60% of the German local newspaper publishers so it draws a good number of old school media followers kostenlose Kleinanzeigen - kaufen und verkaufen über private Anzeigen bei Quoka


Very similar background story to the previous one here Kleinanzeigen bei | Free small ads


That's all the bookmarked links I've got for now so I'll just mention one more factor you ought to bear in mind.


The average seller in Germany posts much higher prices than the market will accept and bitches about any offer below their dreamt up price and the average buyer will start by bitching about how ridiculously over-priced the item they're looking at is before inferring they'll do the seller a big favour by making their insultingly low offer. 


It's best not to waste valuable time getting into ping-pong texting with such ppl and here's one way to stop them, 'Thanks, but I definitely can't accept this offer so if you don't intend to bid more then I'd like to wish you a nice day now. Bye!' *= "Danke, aber diese Angebot kann ich überhaupt nicht akzeptieren. Falls du nicht vor hast mehr zu bieten möchte ich dir nun eine schon Tag wunschen.Tschuss!" 


I wish you luck with your endeavour! :D Please remember to let us nosy TT barstewards know how you get on!:lol:




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