Spontaneity and Fun - Improv Theater in the Classroom - a Workshop for Teachers - 24.Jan.2019

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Are you looking for a positive classroom environment?
Would you like to reduce your students' fear of speaking English? Then this is the right workshop for you! 

**Sign-up Deadline December 18**

This interactive workshop uses improvisation theater techniques to enhance teachers' creative skill set, aiming to promote students' organic use of language while allowing them to freely express themselves. You will learn a variety of exercises to use in the classroom, helping your students become more open and empathetic with one another while improving their listening and communication skills. No previous theater or improvisation experience required - Prepare to have a lot of fun! Everyone can benefit from this workshop!

Do, 24.01.19 from 09:00 till 16:00 Uhr
Eigenbetrag Interne: kostenfrei 
Eigenbetrag Externe: 80,00 €
Wheret: Pädagogisches Institut, Herrnstr. 19, 80539 München
Participants: 14
Kurs/Course # 75-PB0.06
Referentin: Jodi Pfleghar


Sachbearbeitung: Gabriele Worm
Tel.: (089) 233-28196
Fax: (089) 233-28154
Email: gabriele.worm@muenchen.de




About: Jodi Pfleghar (USA/Germany) has a degree in Education and has been teaching English in Munich for more than 20 years. She is the Artistic Director of Bake This, Munich's English improv performance group, the Co-Founder of and teacher at ImproMunichorn School of Improv, and the Assistant Director of Munich's international improv festival, Improvember. As well as teaching and performing locally, Jodi regularly travels around Europe to a variety of Improv festivals. If she's not on stage or hanging out with her two incredible daughters, you can usually find her gangster rapping in a field of daisies.





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