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Hi lovely people of Toytown Germany,


I was thinking about starting up a tap class in Munich, I am a qualified fitness and dance instructor, have taken ISTD exams since the age of 6 in England and I was professional dancer. I miss tapping away and thought I would ask if anyone would be interested in joining?? I haven't got a concrete space yet as this is just an idea - but if it were to go ahead then it would be either central Munich or in Sendling :) 


Let me know what your thoughts are below! Maybe we have some tappers here waiting to put their shoes back on or someone who has never done it but has always wanted to give it a go.


(If you want to see a some clips of me tap dancing then take a look at my instagram: Larissaingermany - there are a couple of clips under "highlights"!)


Looking forward to your replies,

Larissa x


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Hi Larissa3,

It will be a couple of months before we are in Munich (currently we live a little further north), but I have 2 daughters who would be interested in trying tap (ages 7 and 9). They currently do Modern/Jazz or something similar...with a less than great teacher.

...so that's 2 to keep in mind..



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