Nominees for TT topic and post / comeback of the year 2018

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I'm torn. @yourkeau got off a pretty good one on me, but @hooperski did pretty well, too.


On 6/12/2018, 9:43:08, hooperski said:

True, his millionaire cronies voted for him as well.


On 6/14/2018, 1:47:36, yourkeau said:

If it is about my origin, I am not a US citizen and have never lived there.



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My nomination has to be ( barring someone posting one I have not read / I have forgotten )


How to fake a broken leg?




Nomination for best comeback has to be this one :



I cross my heart and pinky-swear that you'll be the first to know as soon as Quatsch holds their Boring Wanker Open Night - I put a note to that effect in their suggestion box the last time I visited, so fingers crossed that you'll get an outlet for your "creativity" soon.



From here




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