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Duisburg hiking group

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About 2 years ago I wrote on the social network that I would like to go hiking, but not alone. Within a short time, I got a couple of replies and we agreed to meet in a local pub to discuss ideas. One of them, Robert, already had a detailed proposal: 15 km through mostly flat terrain to six lakes area and Entenfang. This was almost exactly what I had been looking for, and we agreed upon a date for our first tour. When the date came, around 15 people where at the agreed meeting point in front of Tura88. This was the start of the Duisburg hiking group.
Since then, we have done several nice tours, for example around Mülheim, to Rhine Orange, to Landscape Park and to Moers. The tours are all about 15 km and mostly lead through flat terrain, so average physical condition and enough physical endurance for 15 km with, except for short stops to take a picture, only one longer break in between, is quite sufficient.
There are people who always join, but there are always also newcomers and they are very welcome. If you are interested, in addition to, Meetup and Facebook I also announce upcoming tours on this page as soon as we are planning one.


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