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Seeking tips re public transport (ÖPNV) Bruckmühl - Rosenheim + best routes to Munich

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Hi TTer's


I am seeking feedback please from anyone "in the know" about what could be called the Bruckmühl - Rosenheim corridor. Specifically, I have these questions:


1. Is the public transport along here any good? Can one get along this corridor efficiently, or are there large delays in services?

2. Is the public transport service to Munich also good/or fairly bad? 

3. Is the Irschenberg intersection as crap and congested as some people suggest?


I hope that these are specific enough questions that some of you might be able to provide some feedback. As you know, timetables and the like provide only one view of what services might be like. And the reality of transport services can be somewhat different - as it was in my old home town far, far away,,,


Of course, if any TTer's with kids have some comments, on the general kid-friendly nature of the area, I would be super grateful. Mine are Grundschule and soon to be Gymnasium ages.


...and of course, there is no up-to-date information available on this site which answers my questions with any degree of certainty...I checked, I promise. :)


...have a great day in the meantime.




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