Filling Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung incorrectly, please help

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I have just submitted Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung an hour ago and realized now that I have filled in the estimate income incorrectly. Basically I have just got my visa this year and don't event know when I will get my first client, I assume that I will start earning from 2019 but because of my bad German, I have incorrectly stated that in 2018 I will earn 10,000 Euro and in 2019 12,000 euro.


- Is there anyway that I ask finanzamt to get my form back and correct it? Or can I simply re-submit a new form?


- Would they interrogate me and make my life difficult when I submit my income declaration (that I earn barely nothing this year while I said I should earn 10,000?).


Also, in the form there is a date when I start working, becuse I don't know yet when so I fill in the date that I received my freelance visa (two months ago), but in fact I have not yet started working because I don't have any client. Would this be a problem?


Thank you and sorry for many question I am in panick attack again ughhh...





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Hello @nrwninja,


did you solved this issue already?

Could you please share your experience how you did?




Best reagrds


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