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Hi All, 


I have been facing a problem. 


I wanted to send a letter (Important document) to kuwait. 


i went to the DHL packet shop in the nearest mall and told 'I need to send this out of germany and need signature of the receiver and also need a tracking number'. I paid 4 Euro 20 cents and left. 


After some days i did the tracking and got this 'Die Sendung wurde am 18.09.2018 in unserem Logistikzentrum Frankfurt Flughafen bearbeitet.'

I called DHL Customer care and they say that they can only track till frankfurt and not beyond this.


I need the tracking to be end to end. Even if i have to pay more its ok but the DHL Packet shop person didnt tell me that this service wont be enough for end to end tracking. 


Now god only knows where the letter is. I tried chekcing with DHL kuwait and also the local post in kuwait. They dont have any information. 


Someone please guide me what service should i select when i goto the DHL Packet shop. My german is not good hence its hard to explain to the person at the counter. 


I chekced DHL website and came across this link 




My letter is not more than 50 gms. 


Someone please guide me as the document is very important. Even if i have to pay 50 euros for it its okay but i need assurance that DHL in kuwait will hand over the document to the receiver and not drop it at the local post only. 


All information is correctly written on the evenlope : senders name, address, receivers name address postalcode telephone. 




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I could be wrong on this, but only slightly, i believe.  DHL is a daughter firm from the Deutsche Post.  DHL do packages and DP do letters, such as what you sent.  They basically act the same, but you sent it as a normal letter, yes with a signature.  So that creates the issue.  DP cannot track a letter in other countries, because it will enter the Kuwait Postal Service and DP have no control over it.  Had you sent it as a package through DHL, as DHL operates in Kuwait, it could have been tracked.


Recommend in the future you send it through DHL as a package or UPS or FedEx.  The latter two can track door to door and always do signatures.  Will be expensive though.


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