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Earlier this year, I had a friend ship my household items from storage in the US to Germany. Because I wasn't there to handle it myself, some appliances with US voltage requirements got shipped that are really of no use to me here. Rather than let them go to waste, I am hoping that someone on this site (or someone else you know) might have a home for them—that is, because either they already have a high-current power converter or they're moving back to the US.


Here's what I've got:


  • Paper shredder (Black & Decker CC1200) – near perfect condition
  • Hot air (popcorn) popper (Presto 0482107) – very good condition
  • Multiquick handheld blender (Braun MR 5550 CA; with all original accessories) – near perfect condition
  • Toaster (toastmaster T2001W) – very good condition
  • Iron with base (Shark Model IR436; works in both cordless and corded modes) – very good condition
  • Steam inhaler (Veridian 11–525) – perfect condition


I live in a suburb just south of Stuttgart.


The only conditions I have are

  1. Pay what you want. I could use the money, but that won’t stop me from giving the stuff away for free.
  2. Be a nice person. If you’re one of those mean-spirited commenters on this site, don’t even bother.



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By the way, although this post has been visited by many tumbleweeds, the items are, amazingly, all still available!!!


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