How to create a Bürgschaft letter?

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I need to write a Bürgschaft letter (in German) for a friend of mine (basically I am his Bürgschaft). I am not sure exactly the format of this letter and have not found any examples.

Is there someone here who has written one before or know of a template?


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Since there are several different types* of Bürgschaft letter possible, for us to suggest a template you'd need to be a bit more specific about the purpose it's intended for.


*inter alia it could be

i ) for someone to act as guarantor for a loan (Darlehensbürgschaft),

ii ) a security deposit on a flat (Mietkautionsbürgschaft),

iii ) an alternative to a blocked bank account balance for a  student visa,

iv ) a guarantee to provide supporting funds or recompense the state for expenses incurred in providing vital support, medical care or repatriation for a foreign visitor (actually a Verpflichtserklärung or VE but sometimes people do use the word Bürgschaft).


If you put "Musterbrief Bürgschaft" in to you will find plenty of links.


The results may be better if you include the specification as per above.


A couple of words of warning;


Some of the top links will lead to shiny websites which offer just the ideal template for you (Kostenlos!) but by agreeing to their AGBs (T&Cs) as a condition of downloading you may be accepting a 2 week 'free trial' offer on a 24 month subscription contract at €34,95 per month!!


I would 'wonder' about the 'legal' aspects of that #1 too!


Most of the links are put up by genuine Germany-based websites (real-estate, banking comparison, law offices, tenant or consumer protection associations, etc.) and do offer free templates albeit they mostly want your attention, business and/or data and some may insist on providing their watermarked or logo-headed template.


Do be sure to look up and compare the text used and in particular any references to statutory laws ( § <- this (paragraf) sign followed by number, subsection (Abs.) and sentence (S.) numbers and acronym for an act of law  e.g.; BGB, SGB III, SGB IV, AufenthG).


You can find more useful info in the German Wikipedia  and German acts of federal law under where you can click Translations for an A-Z list of the acronymic titles already avilable in English. is probably the smoothest online machine translator atm for text up to a max of ~ 2 - 3K characters.






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As above, I'd start with finding a freely available pro-forma off the internet.   Ones for guaranteeing rent seem to be pretty easy to find, at least.  It's really only a few sentences stating the obvious about your obligation.   (Like now I can claim back my second GEZ TV licence, I just found a standard request letter).   


Obviously, you need to be clear exactly what you are writing, as above reply.  (The GEZ thing is no risk ot cost to me, but I still checked exactly what it meant, I did not just assume it was suitable because someone on the web said so).


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