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Hello everyone!

The previous post about German meetup seems a bit quiet so I thought I'll give this a go.


How about practicing German conversation after work? This could be be over coffee, drinks, or food. Or just walking around in town. How would once a week sound? Or if not quite so regularly, then every now and then when it suits people.


I'm not envisioning a massive meetup that needs lots of organizing and/or paying into. (Those are already available on Meetups.) Conversation just needs two people to get started. A small group might be optimal.


And no, we don't need a native speaker in the group either. But in order for the discussions to be at least somewhat fluent, your German level should probably be B1 or higher.


Yes, I do realise that in Munich one can technically chat with German speakers everywhere. But native speakers don't always have the patience for us slow-speaking language learners. ;) Besides, meeting other expats is usually fun anyway. (If we have nothing else to talk about, we can always resort to moaning about the peculiarities of living in Germany... :D )


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