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I took a leave of absence for this Sommersemester in order to do an internship. I returned to Germany at the beginning of August and picked up a Working Student position of 20 hours/week. They've just informed me, even though they've known that I've been on a leave of absence since I started, that if I earn over 450€/month during my leave of absence (e.g. until October 1st), then I have to pay "full taxes" on whatever I earn....

Our pay period goes from middle to middle of the month (e.g. mid August to mid September), and I'll have made 860€ by the end of the pay period (tomorrow). 


So, how much exactly will these "full taxes" be? Will I have to pay any more than if I had earned that 860€ during a regular semester? 

And also, does this jeopardize/effect my student health insurance at all?


Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)


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