How to convert a U.K. driving license to a German one

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I know this topic has been covered before but I just need a few clarifications.

Is the below address the correct one in Nuremberg to convert my U.K. license to a German one:

Stadt Nürnberg
Abteilung Führerscheinstelle

Innerer Laufer Platz 3

90403 Nürnberg


For a category B license (regular 4 wheel vehicle), I need to have my passport, passport photos, proof of residency and driving license with me. Is that right or am I missing something?


Lastly, how can I request this at the counter in German? Ich möchte meinen Führerschein umwandeln/umtauschen/konvertieren? What’s the typical phrase used?


FYI I’m converting it due to BREXIT and the future uncertainty surrounding the validity of U.K. licenses in the EU. My license won’t expire until two years from now. Will I face problems because of that?


Thank you in advance



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