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Starting as Apprentice in Flensburg

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Since I'm starting an apprenticeship as an industrial electronic technician here in Flensburg, I had a few questions regarding kinderfreibeträg. I suppose I need to explain my situation to make sense.


I have a 2 year old son, whom my lebenspartner/girlfriend gets kindergeld for per month for. I'm divorced from my ex-wife whom is American and not recieving any payments from her for Alimony.  I, myself, am also American, but not sure what my Steuerklasse is. Recommendations from my boss is that I go Steuerklasse 1, since I'm not married, but is clueless on the kinderfreibeträg. Also, I know I will have to pay both US income tax as well as German income tax, how would I do that? Essentially, starting new here, and still trying to learn.


Any help would be helpful.


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