Munich Chili Cookoff 2018 28.Jul.2018 @ZarBar in the Rosenheimer Str.

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Hi Everyone,

Welcome one and All, it's time to tickle those tastebuds and clean off the dust from that Winning Chili recipe you haven't used before.


The Munich Chili Cookoff has taken place at this time of year since 1999 and every year we have great fun cooking, competing and eating Chili.

Each year we also collect for "The Klinik Clowns" Charity here in Munich


Although it's a little short notice I know, if you have time on Saturday 28th of July, come along down to the "Munich Chili Cookoff (also with cookie contest) at "The Zar Bar, Rosenheimerstr 270".


If you want to take part then the rules are simple


1. Cook a pot of Chili at home (in a fireproof container, we will want to reheat it at the event) or cook a batch of your favorite Cookies

2. Come along to "The Zar Bar" between 14:00hrs till 15:00hrs and sign up to enter the contests.

3. Sit down, chill out, listen to some live music whilst the Judges taste the Chili / Cookies and decide who's best

4. Cheer or Boo as the winners are announced.

5. When the Judging is done, you have the chance to taste the entered Chilis and Cookies.

6. Chill out with fiery stomachs and drink more or just relax to more live music.


We are also on Facebook @


Come along and join in, who knows, you might just become a Chilihead.


See Ya'll.


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Hey everyone, just to reinforce that we also have a Cookie Contest at the same time if anyone wants to make a batch.


Also, if you have Books, CD's, DVD's or Games laying around at home, we are also collecting these or local charity.


Looking forward to seeing Ya'll there.


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A Massive Hi to everyone who came along last Saturday, you made it a really fun and relaxed day. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and to meet new ones as well.
This year we managed to raise 264€ for The Klinik Clowns. 1f921.png?1f921.png?
For everyone who bought along entries, you are amazing and we all appreciate what you brought. Special Thanks go to Sara Whitney and Wade Dugas for bringing along the cornbread and the Hooser Family who decided that every member of the house MUST compete
And the Winners are...
1st Prize Cookies
Sabine Purviance - 57 Chevy with nuts Cookies
2nd Prize Cookies
Alexandra Hooser - Chees Cake Cookies
3rd Prize Cookies
McKenna Hooser (always our youngest contestant) with Rainbow cookies

1st Prize Chili
Bridget Hooser - "Just Chipotle Chili"
2nd Prize Chili
Locke McKenzie - "Slow F**k Chili"
3rd Prize Chili
Wade Dugas - "Ragin Cajun Chili"
Hottest Chili
Those Weird and Wonderful Alchemists of Pain (also know as "The Dell Brothers") -"Kilauea Chili", this year I actually specifical told parents NOT to let their children try any !!!

Chefs Prize Chili (And most unimaginitive name)
Zachery Hooser - "I Don't know what to call this Chili"

So a finally pre-thank you to everyone who took pictures, please can you send them to me, because somehow I got grease on my lens so all of mine are out of focus.

Next Year is our 21st Chili Cookoff, so keep sreading the word and I hope to make it our best year ever.


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