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Is there anybody in Hamburg who uses Cell phone Apps to find a parking place, and pay the fee via it?


On the payment machine I saw the names of the below apps which can supposedly be utilized for this purpose.


"easypark" , "ParkNow" , "TraviPay" , "yellowbrick"


Can you share first hand experiences if there is any?


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Hey there,


I use ParkNow. Basically, I park the car and then check on the app if and how much I have to pay. You can leave the meter running until you leave (don't forget to turn it off when you do!) and you have the option of setting an end time to your parking. I have a sticker on the windshield and I assume parking officers have access to a database with your car details. Money gets out of my Girokonto, hassel free. Would recommend.


Edit: just checked the app, you can look at the parking situation before you get there. They have a map with shaded areas for spots with payed parking.


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I don't live there and can't share any first hand experiences, but if you want to find out what the locals are saying about any product or service in HH (or anywhere in Germany) here's how to do it.


1) don't use - use

2) put in "erfahrungsberichte+productname+HH"

3) ignore results from the products own site

4) copy/paste text up to ~600 characters into (it does better than 5)

5) copy/paste URL of result into (wiil do whole page - roughly)


Example to try: "erfahrungsberichte handy parking apps in HH"


I tried "erfahrungsberichte yellowbrick app in HH" and found these two press reports from 2016 about smartphone parking apps.


Parkplätze per App zahlen und Gebühren sparen - Hamburg - Aktuelle News aus den Stadtteilen - Hamburger Abendblatt


Handyparken ist unnötig teuer -


Although the WZ is from Düssseldorf the report, which lists most of the apps you mentioned with comparisons of costs, is much more informative than the Abendblatt.





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I’ve never used the apps to find a spot (don’t think it work) but paying with them is easy.


formerly known as Mobil park is easy to use and works in most city’s in Germany actually.


hamburg is installing sensors to alert to empty parking I just read but that’ll take a few months. 


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