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This is rare for us, but could be an ongoing thing for the right person.


We have been given a show in Swedish and have done the English translation. The next step is to take the English and do a German subtitle - obviously, it will help if the subtitler knows Swedish, but we really need a native-level German speaker who knows subtitling to do this.


We have already worked with translators, but the problem is subtitling. As has been brought up on the forums previously, subtitles are not closed-captions, they are not "everything that the characters said", they are short and take time to read.

Do y'all know of, or is anyone here already a subtitler working into German and might be interested in this?

I'm sitting on two files right now that are a total of 900 subs already in English (from Swedish/Norwegian and Korean) that the client wants in German. For those who think they can do this, please understand that this is for subtitling with limited space, and we do not yet know the German standards, so we'd like someone who does!

(Standards -- like using binding dashes between split subs, when to split and when to combine, compression of speech, only two characters speaking in the same sub and use dashes for those, or does German have a different standard?)

There is more work available for this client if the first two files are good.


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Thanks for that, @franklan - I'm actually holding on to that until AFTER we have checked with our various forums and groups to see if anyone we "know" or have contact with online is available/interested.




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