Reporting Internet Scams & Phishing in Germany/Munich

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On 29.6.2018, 16:29:45, White Rose of Yorkshire said:

At our local animal rescue centre there is an info board for private adverts for things like looking after someones pet during the holidays etc. There are also adverts for dog owners looking for an apartment. Maybe you could do something similar at your own local rescue centre, offer to pay or donate something beforehand.


You could also take a photo of you and your dog and post a” looking for a flat” advertisement in your local newspaper or pet shop windows.Property owners are interested in future tennants who have a permanent contract and a regular income, so be sure to mention these things. Google dog clubs in your vicinity, often it is a case of knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone….


People who have pets themselves are not so bothered about having cat or dog hairs on the sofa as people who don’t have a pet. Hope you and your wet nosed friend soon find somewhere nice to live.


Thank you for the suggestion! I did put up ads (with pictures and info) in the local pet stores, but I didn't think of the adoption centers. I'll have to look up where those are.


I found a(nother) temporary place to live for now, but I'll be looking again within a year for my own apartment for sure. 


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I just got this email from not Netflix-






Dear Netflix Member,

Your last bill payment was not authorized. We have put your account on hold until you complete a validation process in order to verify your billing and payment details.




We will automatically attempt to charge your card again within 24-48 hours. Failure to complete the validation process will result in a suspension of your Netflix membership.


-The NETFLIX Team 0vzdg1jmtt6nhuw55erlzxttbp0at9

This message was mailed to Member by Netflix Team



The sender address is  support <>


I don't have a Netflix account. Beware. Not that I think anyone here would be stupid enough to fall for it.


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