Mutual Fund and ETF investing in Germany

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I am looking at investing in a German index fund or an index ETF. I am guessing that for the ETF, I will need the equivalent of a stock brokerage account. Is this something I should open with my bank or are there other brokers I can deal with who might be more economical.

Also assuming I know what mutual fund I want to buy, can I buy it directly or does this too have to go through a broker.

This being Germany, are there any standard contract terms I have to be aware of (minimum duration I have to hold a fund/entry or exits loads)?


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there are many different platforms that will enable you to invest. I would not choose to work directly thru your bank, cause banks are usually more expensive.

IN Germany, EBASE has a good reputation, otherwise, you might want to check out Interactive Brokers.


Would, recommend, though to make sure you know the difference between fully replicating ETFs and the others as well as what kind of risk personality you are, i.e. what diversification of assets you should aim for.



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