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I need advice on getting a new job after losing our only little girl :-(  I's been 2 months since we lost our Elza. I don't like asking for help but now I - as a non-german speaker - am looking for a company where the management / boss can accept what we're dealing with.


 It's all about Elza. It's a story with a sad ending. Elza's story is somewhat long but I'm going to try to make it shorter.



Elza was born with congenital cataract that affected both of her eyes. By recognizing her vision problems at four months at home (here in Hungary near to Budapest - doctors didn't detect that she was born with visually significant cataracts) - and not getting appropriate treatment for her in Hungary we successfully contacted to a clinic located in Jena to get her eyes treated by a modern, two-step surgery. We're proud of our daughter, Elza who had to get through all of the bad things she didn't ask for. We were so scared.


I had to take several weeks off for the surgery plus controls and my boss didn't like my decision at all. Before recognizing Elza's problems with her vision, I worked 14-17 hours almost every day to give my little Elza the best.  I've had several successfully closed projects behind me producing thousands of Euros (I'm a PowerShell programmer) every week for the company I've been working for but - at the same time - caused me missing moments with my child even though I was on a Home Office plan.


After getting approval for my 'vacation' - we moved to Germany for a month. I didn't have the chance to spend even a full weekend with my family before so spending a whole month with them - was the most beautiful time in my life. Elza was so happy to have me there around all the time and after the successful surgery what we were afraid of - my daughter finally learned to laugh!  We were the happiest family in the world because Elza was the happiest child We've ever known. We visited not just Jena but Erfurt, Eisenach, Golmsdorf, Weimar, Leipzig for the first time between follow-ups and it brings back the best memories of our stay with Elza.


We had to get back to HU after a month and on the day we arrived home after driving 1000km with a 5-month old my boss wanted me to be in the office. No home office whatsoever. He asked me to continue where I left off so I realized that all of my tasks were on hold & didn't get delegated. I was so angry but after jumping in again I felt that my superpowers will help me get forward to provide a better living condition for Elza and to have a chance to move closer to the UniKlinik where the professor saved her eyes.


But on a sunny day (that was the first warm day this year) Apr. 16 we felt that Elza needed medical attention. We brought her to pediatrician who said: "Elza is dealing with some kind of infection and you need to get to the hospital immediately". After spending 2 hours at the hospital, not knowing what's happening to our daughter, a doctor came out of the emergency ward to notify us about our loss. :- ( We were told that Elza died of sepsis. Now we know that the doctors didn't know what to do. We didn't even get a chance to fight. Doctors didn't allow us to be with her or comfort her. We miss her so much. After notifying the Klinik in Jena telling them what happened - that made them start crying. They waited for us to have the last follow-up for Elza.


Losing Elza so tragically and unexpectedly has changed our life forever - but we want to rebuild our family, somehow. We feel that Elza needs a little sister, however we know that the pure joy will never come but another life deserves no less. We still want to stick to our plan and move closer to Jena, Erfurt or Leipzig. Our plan brings back warm memories of times together.


That's why I'm asking you for any help. I know that I can't compete with others right now who don't have to go through all of this but I'm not looking for a dream job either.


Although I've spend the past 2 years programming PowerShell (I have 10 years of exp. in the IT sector) I'd accept any kind of offer like cleaning hotel rooms, gardening, taking care of animals or the like - not just within IT.


I only want to see my family happy.



Pictures of Elza:




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Just start applying for jobs, you don't have to clean toilets, there is always something to do for someone who works in IT.  If your spoken English is close to your written English skills you shouldn't have a problem with not speaking German.


Keep in mind that the hiring process in Germany is super slow, so be prepared to send hundreds of applications, it might take long to get a job but sometimes people are lucky.


Best wishes.


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