ASEIG - Health insurance group-plan for self-employed to make VISA-application easier

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Self-employed persons coming to Germany often face the puzzling conundrum that German law requires them to have legally compliant health insurance as a resident in Germany – but then no German insurance provider wants to accept them, which can make a VISA-application really hard. ASEIG (Association of self-employed Expats in Germany) has negotiated a unique and truly special health insurance group plan for its members with the HALLESCHE, a leading German health insurance company.  This group plan fulfills all legal requirements in Germany, is fully compliant with the relevant laws, and will satisfy every immigration officer working on your VISA. Plus, ASEIG is affiliated some specialized immigration lawyers that can assist you in getting your VISA approved if you hit some administrative roadblocks. 
Learn more here:

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if you apply for a residence permit as a self-employed, one of the things you are required to show proof for in the application process is a law-compliant health insurance.

the main law required to meet with a private health insurance is the § 193 Abs 3 VVG which defines what kind of private health insurance fulfills the legal requirements to have a compliant health insurance. this has to be seen hand in hand with VAG, that further defines such insurances. Most Expat insurances do not fullfill this requirement already. And if some of the international health insurances do really comply with that is under dispute, at least the head association of the health insurances in Germany and the regulatory authority BaFin say quite clearly: no, they don't.

The second legal requirement that comes up more and more with immigration offices / Ausländeramt in Germany are that the health insurance must comply with § 257 SGB V (which requires the health insurance to be calculated like a life insurance). Which none of the Expat insurance and none of the international health insurances can fulfill.
And more and more they immigration offices also require to have a "Pflegepflichtversicherung" (PVN). Which, again, AFAIK none of the Expat insurances offer and currently I know only about 1-2 international health insurances with close links to German insurance companies that can offer that. 


All of this is met, though, by the ASEIG group health insurance plan. 


ASEIG Health insurance group plan for self-employed - Ts&Cs

So, if you want to make sure that you face no problems about your health insurance in the VISA application process, this is your fool-proof-option :-)





Disclosure: I am a member of ASEIG and closely affiliated with them as their dedicated insurance broker!


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