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I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and living in Bad Vilbel (north of Frankfurt). I have contacted many midwifes (at least 60) and they are either on holiday in January or will not travel to BV as it's too far to drive every day. Having a baby is already going to be hard here, as we really only have my husband and I and no family close. I am really just wondering what I can do if I dont have a midwife for after birth care, would I just see the paediatrician more often?


thanks in advance for any advice.


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I am guessing you have already tried there:





I also found some links here. Haven't tried them though https://www.hebammenverband.de/familie/hebammensuche/


In addition, you could check the local hospitals in your area - most of them have lists of midwifes they work with.

Another idea would be to ask midwifes that don't have time for a recommendation as some of their colleagues might not advertise their services anywhere online (and don't have an email address) as that would lead to too many inquiries.

Some of the people in my preparation class didn't have anybody at week 30 and the midwife doing the course was able to hook them up with someone.


It is good that you are starting early!


Good luck!


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