What is Baukindergeld and how does it work?

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You could say that as a "simple" employee, you've never filed a tax return in Germany because you're not required to and because you expected the costs of an accountant to exceed any tax refund you might get. ("Als einfacher Arbeitnehmer habe ich noch keine Steuererklärung in Deutschland eingereicht, weil ich dazu nicht verpflichtet bin und ausserdem davon ausging, dass die Kosten einer Steuerberatung eine mögliche Erstattung überschreiten würden.")


You could add that a tax return could be filed retroactively for the past x years if required - this will cost something, but the Baukindergeld will be worth it.


Also, you might consider joining a Lohnsteuerhilfeverein.


I know @PandaMunich is quite busy, but maybe she could chime in here with some advice.


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1 hour ago, El Jeffo said:

I know @PandaMunich is quite busy, but maybe she could chime in here with some advice.


Well, he should get hopping and do the tax returns.

Processing time of the income tax returns at the Finanzamt, i.e. until the Bescheide are issued, will be around 4 to 6 weeks (depends on where he is located).


There is a 3 month window after his application in which:

  • he can upload the income tax Bescheide,
  • if he doesn't have them by the end of those 3 months, he needs to upload a short note that the tax returns 2018 and 2019 have been filed but no Bescheide have been issued yet and that he will submit them once they are issued:
    "Die Einkommensteuererklärungen 2018 und 2019 wurden am dd.mm.2021 eingereicht, aber die Einkommensteuer-Bescheide 2018 und 2019 wurden noch nicht festgesetzt. Ich werde sie nachreichen."



  • Ihr Antrag auf Baukinder­geld wurde bestätigt? Dann haben Sie ab diesem Zeit­punkt 3 Monate Zeit, Ihre Nach­weise im Zuschussportal hoch­zuladen. Eine Auszahlung des Zuschusses ohne fristgerecht einge­reichte Unter­lagen ist ausgeschlossen.
    Fehlt Ihnen noch ein Nach­weis? Dann laden Sie unbe­dingt innerhalb der Frist im Zuschuss­portal eine frei formulierte Erklärung hoch, warum dieser noch nicht vorliegt.
  • Has your application for Baukindergeld been confirmed? Then you have 3 months from this date to upload your evidence to the grant portal. The grant cannot be paid out if the documents have not been submitted by the deadline.
    Are you still missing evidence? Then be sure to upload a freely worded explanation in the grant portal within the deadline as to why it is not yet available.



  • If you filed your application in 2020, you will need the income tax assessment notices for 2017 and 2018.
    If you filed your application in 2021, you will need the assessment notices from 2018 and 2019.
    If you do not yet have your income tax assessment notices, submit your tax return(s) to your relevant tax office as soon as possible, as processing requires time.
    Your employer's income tax certificate (Lohnsteuerbescheinigung) is not sufficient as proof.



  • To prove that you have moved into your house or flat yourself, please upload the registration confirmation from your municipality.
    The registration confirmation must show that your house or flat is the main residence - for the applicant and the children stated in the application as well as for the spouse or civil partner or the partner from a consensual union.
    Your child was born after the registration confirmation was issued and before the application was submitted? Then please upload a birth certificate.



  • Please upload all pages of your current land register extract in which you are entered as owner or co-owner.
    The notice of registration from the local court (Eintragungs­bekannt­machung des Amts­gerichts) is not an extract from the land register and is not sufficient.


  • You will need the purchase contract or the building permit as proof that you signed your purchase contract between 01.01.2018 and 31.03.2021 or that you were granted a building permit in the above-mentioned period.



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4 hours ago, Emmbee said:

My question is: what can I write in the formlose Erklärung to explain why I don't have a Steuerbescheid. 

Write a letter that its under finanzamt. Find a lawyer and / or submit the steuererklärung asap. 


4 hours ago, Emmbee said:

Am I completely out of luck here?

No. You have time but you should apply before the deadline. Hopefully you have all other documents in order. 


4 hours ago, Emmbee said:

I would be so so thankful for any hints/ideas on what can be done about this. I think I have until the 15th of March to submit the application (or the next 10 years to beat myself over the head with the tax code)

First creat the online account and make the application with all documents you have. This way you will not miss the deadline. Apply for steuer bescheid for the two years that's needed asap. 




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