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Alexa Skill for Darmstadt in English: anyone willing to give it a test?

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Hi all,


I'm working on an Alexa Skill called BarFInder Darmstadt, just tinkering around a bit. Here's a summary:


Get to know the local scene by searching for bars that are just the way you want them:


-Tell Alexa what part of Darmstadt you want her to search in (city center, martinsviertel, johannesviertel, etc.)

-Tell her your desired price range (based on the cost of a 0.5L beer)

-Tell her if smoking should be allowed, or if it doesn't matter.


If anyone has an Echo device or uses Alexa on their phone, I would love to invite you as a beta tester! 


If you are interested, please send me a PM. It is completely free, of course.


There is also a German version (Darmstädter Kneipen) that will hopefully be online soon.







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