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We've covered that we don't read every post.  That includes, all of *your* posts! Not only do we not read all your posts, we do not remember what you wrote two weeks ago, we cannot necessarily easily recall who said what to whom yesterday, and besides having a general impression of the basics, we sure don't keep up on all of your personal, erm, "entanglements" with other members.  We don't have the time or the will for that.  


If the context of your complaint is not covered and readily apparent in the post you've reported, you need to submit links to relevant posts (or even just link the thread + page number) so we know what you're talking about.  When you don't provide any context for your complaint, it's a bit like starting a (very bad) movie in the middle and expecting us to know everything that happened in the first hour.  We're not that up to date on your life, believe it or not.




please, for the love of all that is holy, STOP submitting empty reports.


If you don't tell me what your issue is, I'll assume it wasn't that important to you to begin with.  If I can't figure it out in one-and-one-half-second's glance, I close the report.


Take the time and write a couple words in your report.  Sometimes we need help to see what your problem is.  Two people can look at the same thing; one sees a problem, the other doesn't.  We're willing to mod stuff we wouldn't necessarily have it it really bothers you that much (and we think it's appropriate).  But you have to say what your beef is if you want any action taken.  Remember that we don't necessarily see the same thing just because we are looking at the same thing.


Thank you in advance.






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