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Hello All,


I recently moved here from the UK for work and was wondering if anyone would like to meet for climbing on weekday evenings and weekends. I'm am an avid climber at intermediate level, and enjoy lead climbing and bouldering. Let me know if you would like to meet at Kletterzentrum Hamburg or Flashh. I also love climbing outdoors and have all the gear, so we can also organise weekend trips to the cliffs near Hanover to climb some real rock! I speak English and Spanish fluently, but my German is pretty basic at the moment, enough to order food at restaurants :P





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Hey Matt. Sorry I'm a few months late but I've just moved to Hamburg and I'm desperately looking for a climbing partner. I sport climb (though would love to try trad at some point) and have all my own gear too. I prefer climbing outside though will happily climb indoors too if needs be. Are you still around Hamburg? And if you've already found a climbing buddy would you mind more company? I'm itching to get back on the rock.




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