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Repayment Obligation of relocation expenses

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Hello All,
Some background:
I recently relocated to Germany  to explore new work opportunities. I took the first offer that came my way because I liked the job profile although the salary was much lesser than what someone of my experience might get.
     However on arriving here I realised that almost half of this already low salary is paid to the govt as tax. This was a real shock to me. You might say that I should have done my research before moving and yes I agree to that point. 
Now due to financial issues I want to change my company but a colleague pointed out that there is a very tricky clause in our contract.
The issue:
My contract says that the company will bear my relocation expenses and both the parties assume that the approx cost is around 8k euros, and however does not exceed 10k euros.
The repayment obligation clause says the employee agrees to pay back the employer the costs actually assumed by the employer in case the employment relationship is terminated by the employee within 2 years.
The Question:
Do I have to pay the full relocation expenses of 8k even if the actual expenses for relocation is just 2 to 3k euros. This doubt arises because the clause mentions "assumed" costs and not actual costs. Is this normal in Germany?
I am not a native English speaker and that might have led to this misinterpretation
Thank you.



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