Doctor for Plantar Wart treatment

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I was able to take my daughter to a top private skin care practice in Hamburg a few months ago and the doctor took the time to show us a combination of Guttaplast over the middles of the warts for a week and then scalpel off the soft dead skin with a 4mm round scalpel (the skin is soft for about 10 seconds after removing the Guttaplast and then it gets too hard to scalpel) for some weeks and then go back to her so she can check the status and maybe use freezing. My daughter cooperated with this treatment as it is not painful and wanted to contiue with it. But her dad has been blocking still so have not yet been able to do it.

I might be able to get one shot at it this week finally and then that will be it for the next few months.  But we are to be continually doing it. I still have to improve my convincing skills.




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