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Frühlings Kleidertauschparty

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Hello lovely ladies,

Spring is here soon. The perfect time to refresh our wardrobe!
So instead of throwing away and buying new ones, let's meet, and just swap.

We invite you to our first dress exchange event, in our yoga studio:
Bring with washed clothes, shoes and accessories  and take the clothes that you love ♥
Remember: your unwanted clothes are someone's sweetheart 
You don't have anything to trade? Do not worry! Just come to say hello and see if there are any clothes you would like to take.
Come meet new friends, drink tea with cake, and look forward to new clothes, the environment and your wallet.
The leftover clothing is donated to a good cause in the end

* Entrance fee is € 2 - so we can offer you delicious cakes and tea, and help those who make this event, and take care of the donation afterwards.
* Please bring clean clothes that are in good condition


more info at:


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