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I woke up blind in one eye this morning

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Sorry to hear about your continued eye troubles John!


I had surgery to repair a detached retina in one eye 5 weeks ago and then some laser "welding" to repair holes in the other one last week.


My timeline went:
Sunday evening - 2/3rds of the vision in the left eye was suddenly covered by a grey curtain
Monday morning - went to eye doctor who sent me to the Uni Klinik in Regensburg
Tuesday afternoon - operation (scleral buckle)

Thursday afternoon - went home


I still can't see sod all in the operated eye, although I've got quite a lot of blood swimming around inside the Glaskörper which means seeing is impossible anyway.


It's doing my head in not being able to drive, the longest time since passing my test 30 years ago. :angry:


How long after your operation could you see more or less normally again?


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Hi Eric! Congratulations and solidarity!

I still can´t see sod all out of the bad eye, Eric, as it is full of post-op cataracts!!! And they put silicon at the back of the eye to protect the healing process last year. Double whammy!!


Doc messaged me this morning after my calls...appointment Monday 26th August, 100 miles to the clinic for last checks/discussions (translation: how much cash to bring:D) and then hopefully fixed appointments in September for one or probably two operations!

At least I am guaranteed to keep to the swimming/beach season for August and maybe a couple of weeks in September before the rigmarole starts all over again!


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