Aussagekräftige Arbeitszeugnisse-Anerkennung

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Hi to everyone!


A question for those who are willing to help me in this matter...I am trying to get my degree recognised here in Germany and for that I need also the certificates of employment from my previous employers. Unfortunately, those certificates are very poor written but "zuständige Behörde" which are going to process my request, have asked me also for "aussagekräftige Arbeitszeugnisse". I know a lot of my friends who had their qualification recognised but their working experience were not taken into consideration because the certificates were very bad written.  My previous employers are willing to write it again but I need to know how it should look like to satisfy the institution in charge of recognition. 


Have anyone examples of those certificates in German? with description of job position, duration, main duties...I know how it should look like but I am not sure would it satisfy the authorities. (Hieraus sollten sich die Tätigkeitsschwerpunkte, der Einsatzort(Station), Ihre Funktion, Ihre Arbeitsleistung sowie die Dauer des Einsatzes ergeben).


Thanks for any help  


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