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9 minutes ago, fraufruit said:

If there is no visibility, why don't you request a mirror to be installed? Or put one up yourself? I would.

I don't know. I am ok without.


12 minutes ago, fraufruit said:

And stop all this "my link is better than your link" horseshit.

I know that we are in post truth world, but I am an old person, I was born and live in the world of facts.

The link to a lawyers website is better than a link to car journal, this is a fact.


The "driver is always guilty anyway" approach is very dangerous and implies that you can drive as recklessly as you wish, you will be guilty anyway, no need to be careful. This is factually false.


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Another statistics by Unfallforschung der Versicherer (Insurance Companies Accident Research):


26% of pedestrians are mainly liable for accidents between pedestrians and vehicles. 


42% deadly and 60% severe injuries accidents happen during the daylight.


In cases where pedestrians have main liability 72% cases are about "wrong conduct when crossing the road".


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Thanks for all the advice and insights into accident statistics, external links etc.

I think I'm going to have to lawyer up whether here or uk. As I'm planning on moving here next year and I anticipate this thing dragging on for minimum 3 years it makes sense to start the ball rolling here. 


Thanks again for your input


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Quick update (for anyone that may be interested) and another question. 


I decided to go with a solicitor in hanau that was recommended to us as a bit of a b*****d when it comes to insurance companies and takes no shit from them (I believe he used to work for a firm that represented ins companies before switching sides) and should know how to play them. 


That aside, I am still waiting for the police report to be released so he can get to work on the guy who hit me's insurance company, anybody any idea how long that takes? 


Both me and my girlfriend filled in our statements about 6 weeks ago and have heard nothing back. 


My solicitor thinks he can get a few thousand euros out of the insurance company as an interim payment to cover expenses but in the meantime I'm racking up receipts like nobody's business and can't keep it up for much longer. 


Thanks for any input. 




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