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Hello dear Toytowners,

My family will soon be joining me here in Munich. I've been working for some time here in Munich as a Sotfware Developer. When they arrive and we settle down, my wife will be seeking a job. She has graduated from Economics in our home (non-EU) country.


However, we are thinking about registering for a small company or any other form of self-employment for her. An ideal one would allow her to do various types of work via a computer in our apartment. Furthermore, I hope I would be able to help with my development skills and experience in automating or at least significantly improving the workflow so she is able to do more with less effort and in shorter time.


The real questions are:
- Are there any viable types of work for someone with such background that could be done from home?
- Are there several options to choose from when it comes to self-employment? What if she wanted to start a web-shop of some kind?
- Is one allowed to become self-employed and perform work in areas that aren't (closely) related to the field of their education?
- If there is enough income - would she be able to offer me as her spouse some work (as a Nebenjob for me) or that is not possible in such circumstances?
- Would her income be significantly (or at all) more taxed than it is in a regular company?



Thanks for your input!


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